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The COVID-19 pandemic, which raged on for over three years since its emergence in 2020, brought about significant changes in people's behaviors and accelerated digital transformation to an astonishing degree.
These dramatic changes left an enormous impact on the entertainment industry.
As people were restricted from going out and socializing, the demand for console games and video streaming services skyrocketed. Furthermore, the entertainment sector has experienced tremendous growth from the tailwind of digital transformation. Now, vast global audiences can share in the same entertainment experience in real-time—a feat which would've been unimaginable just years prior.

At the same time, as the world adjusts to living alongside COVID-19, the entertainment landscape evolves beyond simply offering digital experiences to providing a more seamlessly integrated real-world experience. In the Japanese pop culture scene, the emergence of fan communities engaging in "oshi-katsu" (supporting one's fave) and other activities that straddle the line between real and virtual life, is part of a trend that's certain to spread throughout the world in the near future.

Facing the all-encompassing anxieties of global lockdown, many remarked that their favorite IPs and characters brought them comfort and gave them courage in their time of need. Their voices were a powerful reminder of the importance of favorites, or "faves," and the deep connection that fans hold for their favorite things. Inspired by their passion, we decided to unite SEGA's operations in real-world, physical entertainment under the banner SEGA Fave.

Our company supports people in making their "faves" a part of their lifestyle by offering fun, dynamic products and unforgettable experiences.
Looking to the future, we strive to continue creating new and captivating forms of entertainment.

For over 50 years, our amusement business has delivered exciting experiences to customers around the world. The key to our longevity is the way we quickly adopt and innovate upon new technologies to provide a host of products and services that can be appreciated by people of all generations and interests. Between arcade prizes and goods inspired by popular characters and artists, we develop and distribute over 2,000 varieties of products to our customers each year.

In an age where entertainment is increasingly becoming more digital, our company focuses on products and services that capture the wonders unique to real-life experiences, and bringing them to customers around the globe.

We see it as our mission to provide entertainment that will warm the hearts of our customers and bring a smile to their faces. Our products have been bestsellers, winning consecutive awards over the past three years. We remain committed to making toys that meet the needs of our time.

The moment when a customer's wonder turns to joy is exactly what drives us to continue offering unprecedented experiences, moments of connection, and chances to discover more faves to fall in love with.

As a toy company, we are dedicated to creating unforgettable first experiences.We understand that very first moment when we're completely enthralled with something and how it stays with you forever. As we grow up, that memory shapes us into the people that we become.Our aim is to help children unlock their own creativity, open the door to new possibilities of who they can become, and make Japan—and the world—a more colorful place. With our digital expertise, we are committed to delivering the kind of captivating, immersive experiences that can only be felt in reality.