The SEGA FAVE CORPORATION is a company within the SEGA Group that handles real-world entertainment and physical goods—namely, amusement arcades and toys.
Comprised of two companies, SEGA Amusement Contents and SEGA Toys, the SEGA FAVE CORPORATION offers a variety of services throughout the world.


Developing era-defining products with the fun only SEGA can bring.

As an amusement company, our two chief goals are as follows.

  • Developing, manufacturing and marketing the following arcade products: video games, including networked titles; prize machines, such as crane games; medal games, including horse racing and BINGO Pusher games; and more.
  • Planning, producing, and distributing merchandise for prize machines, lotteries, and retail, including character-based goods.

Through our arcade games, we've brought you new and innovative forms of entertainment that have revolutionized the industry and defined generations.
We also provide countless character-themed products, such as prize goods, to fans who like to engage with their favorite franchises in more ways than one.
Moving forward, we aim to uphold this spirit of groundbreaking innovation as we reach out and invigorate a broadening consumer base.


Create Wow! And Smile!

As a toy company, our two chief goals are as follows.

  • Creating and selling exciting lineups of toys that bring people together across generations, including educational toys for preschoolers, electronics that stimulate children's imaginations ranging from toy laptops to toy smartphones, unique appliances from robotic pets to home planetariums, and other innovative gadgets.
  • Operating Uncle Jam's Bakery, a chain of cafés that make breads inspired by characters from the Anpanman series, and creating unique products for the Anpanman series, including a line of plush dolls and goods exclusive to Anpanman Children's Museum stores.

Through our unprecedented products and services, SEGA Fave strives to build bonds and foster joy. As an entertainment industry leader, we cater to a variety of interests and craft exciting experiences for audiences around the world.